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Our story began when I finally worked up the nerve to join a local homeschool volleyball team in August 2007. After a few practices, my new coach’s son (who attended the Baptist church with the gym our team used) tried to start up a conversation a couple times. I pretty much politely blew him off! He finally got my attention when he asked, “You’re a Presbyterian, right? What do you guys believe? Why?”

This lead to hours of personal study and our relationship was built largely on lively debates over the doctrines of grace during siblings’ sports games (entirely oblivious to the score), or in novel-sized Facebook messages. It was a pivotal time for both of us, because knowing what you believe and teaching/defending it to another person is a step that really makes you own the particulars of your faith for yourself. Something more than friendship quickly grew out of our frequent conversations, as we realized that we shared similar values, interests, and purpose.

We married in 2010, Jude was born three years later, and Theo followed two years after that. There have been many ups and downs in 8+ years, and our latest adventure has been becoming a military family and moving from our Michigan hometown to our first duty station at Fort Riley, Kansas.

2017 was a year with big changes–Derek enlisted as a Human Resources Specialist in the U.S. Army, went to basic, I moved from my in-law’s house to my late grandparent’s farmhouse, we celebrated Derek’s graduation at Fort Jackson, he completed his advanced training, flew home in June for 10 crazy days of recruiters assistance/goodbyes/packing, we drove a moving van across the Midwest, settled into our new Kansas home and joined our new church.

A few more things about us…


For fun, Derek likes to watch movies and mull over the themes for days. He’s fascinated by storytelling and the art of shooting film. The movie he watches when he has a sick day is Inception. He loves a good theology discussion (as seen above) and is a curious ENFP through and through. He’s a giant Star Wars & D.C. Comics fan, and likes to draw comic characters in his free time.


I’m at stay-at-home mom, dipping my toes into the homeschooling world for the first time as the teacher instead of the student. I’m ISFJ that loves a good stack of library books, a London Fog, and making Spotify playlists. The movie I always watch when I’m sick is Julie & Julia. I get excited about women’s ministry, hospitality, chips and salsa, and making lists.

Our boys are best friends and sometimes worst enemies. They spend their days building legos, jumping off the couch, skyping family, dressing up as superheros, playing Minecraft, and having dance parties. They make us laugh every day, and being their parents keeps us dependent on grace every day.

I (sporadically) journal here to record little things about our life or what I’m learning, and to give friends and family in Michigan a peek into our time in Kansas.


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photo credit: Pure Joy Photography