Thanksgiving didn’t turn out like I expected this year…


In fact, it was quite a doozy for us. Derek went in to work third shift on Wednesday night, just as Jude threw up and we realized he was running a temperature.  I still had two pies and a triple batch of stuffing to make, and the house was a disaster. Honestly, I don’t know how it all got done. But at 4am, everything was baked and the house (which was more trashed than it has been in a long, long time) was picked up. We got a restless few hours of sleep and then got up to do puked on laundry and showers for all of us, running out the door an hour later than anticipated.



I honestly wasn’t sure whether we would get to enjoy any holiday festivities, but Jude perked up enough that we drove to my parents as planned and had a delicious meal with the Kelly side of the family. The menu was turkey, lots and lots of gravy, buttered mashed potatoes, classic green bean casserole with french fried onions, stuffing with sausage, walnuts and raisins, sweet potato casserole loaded with coconut, brown sugar and pecans, corn, soft with rolls with lots of butter, and homemade cranberry relish. Jude was pretty clingy so I only got to eat one plate–which was probably best for my waistline anyways!


Jude looked pretty dapper despite not feeling well. He sported a new bowtie and english cap, which was adorable, although I don’t have a good picture of his outfit.


My cousin plays the violin beautifully, and he treated us to a few pieces after the meal. Jude was fascinated as he played the violin, and wanted to join in with some vocal accompaniment.


We packed up and headed over to Derek’s grandparents to share dessert with the Ervins (and who are we kidding–some leftover spinach dip, Aunt Brenda’s famous candied sweet potatoes, cold ham, and pretzel jello salad too). Our visit was short since Jude wasn’t feeling well again, and Derek wanted to take a nap before heading into work another night shift. Last night was rough, with little sleep for poor Jude. Derek got back from work at 7am and has been trying to sleep. Jude and I have been cuddling and playing in the living room, and he seems to be doing a lot better, but we’re definitely going to take it easy today and just recuperate. And break out the package of leftovers my mom sent home with us!


This definitely wasn’t the relaxing and leisurely holiday I had anticipated, but it was still good and we have lots to be thankful for. I am especially thankful to be able to spend another holiday with our grandparents. I think of Derek’s grandpa who was hospitalized for months earlier this year, and how grateful and blessed we were to have him with us yesterday and seeing him rock and sing so sweetly to Jude. Also, my grandpa, whose health is failing very fast. Every time I see him, he is more and more frail, and I appreciate these times knowing that there is no guarantee of tomorrow.


The same is true for all of us, even in the prime of life. Every breath is a gift from the Giver of Life, and He has numbered all of our days. I am so grateful that He also gives us eternal life, and a hope ever lasting through Christ. We don’t have to fear the future or long for our fleeting past, but we can look forward with courage and peace to the days ahead, knowing that His people can rest and trust in His care as we journey to Heaven. And someday, we’ll rejoice around a table, feasting with our spiritual family and thanking our Heavenly Father, not just on Thanksgiving, but for eternity!

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving didn’t turn out like I expected this year…

  1. Nice post, Erin! Sorry that Jude was not feeling well and that it made for a “restless” Thanksgiving. Glad he is doing a bit better. Love you all and am very thankful for each of you! ~Mom E.

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