Pinterest Finds

This is where I share what I’ve been pinning this week. These are ideas to tuck away, beauty to be enjoyed, words to inspire, projects I’d like to do, or things I’ve made. You can follow me on Pinterest here.

We painted Jude’s bedroom doors this red. I remember years ago loving the color that designer Sarah Richardson painted on her farmhouse doors. Turns out, this couple did too! They got a sample from Canada and had it custom mixed at Home Depot. They were awesome enough to share the formula on their blog, and it is the perfect red we were looking for!

A great reminder.

Some awesome digital downloads. I love love love these papers! I might print a few out to use in Jude’s room, and I used one of her papers to design my blog header.

I thought this was a really helpful article. Derek and I grew up eating quite differently and as I try to make healthier changes in our eating lifestyle, the balance between honoring his tastes and taking care of our bodies is tricky. I loved how Stephanie pointed out that using nourishing ingredients in familiar dishes can be really effective for both honoring and pleasing our husbands, instead of trying to go overboard and serving him lentils and quinoa every day. Unless, of course, he loves to have those every day!

Made this side dish for potluck at church. It was so yummy! I love the cornflake topping (potato chips sometimes seem a little soggy to me) and that without much work at all it could be made without the canned cream soup. This is a keeper.

My kitchen could use a little bit more “homey” and I’ve been wondering what to do to dress up the window above the sink. I think I’ve found my solution! I need something with height since we have tall ceilings, but a valance wouldn’t be able to be closed at night. A shelf above the window with simple curtain panels hanging down would give me height and practicality! It’s going on my home decor to-do list!

I LOVE guacamole. I could eat it probably every day. Often times I just go simple with some avocado, onion, salt and lime juice, since that’s all I have on hand. But whenever I have the extra ingredients I make guacamole almost exactly the same as this recipe with the exception that I haven’t tried the cumin (and never include the tomatoes–guacamole should be all about the avocado, people!! Don’t dilute it with globs of sour cream either). I can guarantee that this is a killer recipe right down my alley.

I adore Tracy Larsen’s clean and simple Project Life style–it is super inspiring to me. I am seriously considering not only doing Jude’s baby book but also a 2013 album for our family. If so, this is the look I’m going with–lots of white, emphasis on pictures and clean text. No pressure to include everything, in fact, sometimes I think less is more and can be better appreciated. I’d like to do lots of white with maybe a pop or two of color that brings the feel of whatever season we’re in.

I stumbled across this free downloadable workbook and it looks like a gem. Perfect for reflecting on the last year and being inspired to move forward in the next. I think this would work really well with thinking about some places where I want my one word to take me this year.

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